We start with the concept of a song, usually in a rough demo format.

Next, a pre-production meeting will determine what is expected of everyone. We define what the finished product will sound like; we set a time-line; and we appoint a producer (the person who will be taking overall control of the project). This process may also involve some restructuring of the song.

We then plan and manage the recording process, optionally using leading specialist session musicians to perform on the song.

After the recording and editing process is complete, we will create a final mix for the producer’s approval.

Finally we arrange for a mastering session resulting in the finished product, ready for publication, radio airplay and commercial sale.
We can also help to get the finished product up for digital distribution on the Internet.

Peerless Records may at their discretion offer select artists the opportunity to enter into a contract where we would agree to invest in some or all of the pre-production, production, recording and mastering costs. In return for this investment Peerless Records will receive a portion of the proceeds of sales of the finished commercial product. To ensure that our investment will result in a commercially successful product, Peerless Records will typically assume control of the overall production of such a project.
A legally binding agreement signed by both the artist and Peerless Records must be in place, before work on such a project begins.