JustChar, Singer songwriter
"It's a shame, I reckon" (2020) is now available, you can use this link https://linktr.ee/jjust.charr to find it on all of the main streaming platforms.

Sophie Gibson, Singer songwriter
"Reminiscing" (2020) is now available, you can use this link https://linktr.ee/sophiegibsonmusic to find it on all of the main streaming platforms.

Lunah, Singer songwriter
"September" and "Down the Barrel" (2019) are available on Spotify as well as the other main streaming platforms.
More information is available on her website lunah.nz

Peter Haeder, Guitarist
His album “Ruby” (2015) is available on CDBaby.com and iTunes

“Peter plays a selection of uplifting guitar works from his extensive catalogue on an album of sonic beauty and depth, exploring guitar, melody and dance rhythms”
Peter is a very accomplished guitar player and he writes his works with classical perfection, then tops them off with extremely memorable melody lines. It was a huge pleasure and a lot of fun working on this album, thank you Peter for giving me so much freedom in the production chair!

Iain Swan, Singer songwriter
The latest single "Strong" is now available on Spotify and YouTube
His EP “4 way stop” (2014) is also available on CDBaby.com and iTunes

Iain Swan is a Singer/Songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand, working under the name doodakchoonz, collaborating with Joe Hoonhout.
The music features some of the most talented musicians in New Zealand, including Israeli guitarist
Arli Liberman. All of the songs on this EP were written by Iain Swan & produced by Joe Hoonhout, published by Peerless Records Limited.

Michael Teague, Singer songwriter
His album “There’s a song in my head” (2014) is available on CDBaby.com and iTunes

Michael Teague is a Singer/Songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland, working under the name Someones Sun. Last year Michael recorded an album whilst living in Auckland, New Zealand after teaming up with producer Joe Hoonhout. The two worked together, along with some of the most talented musicians in New Zealand including Israeli guitar sensation Arli Liberman, to create the 2014 album entitled "There's a Song In My Head." All of the songs on this album were written by Michael Teague & produced by Joe Hoonhout.

Pete Maher, Mastering engineer, commenting on Michael’s album:
“It's a brilliant production and superb album!! ... I’m glad you liked my mastering of Michael's album as it was a total pleasure for me :)))"
Pete Maher’s Clients: U2, Jack White, The Killers, The Rolling Stones, Damien Rice, Linkin Park, Beady Eye, Snow Patrol,
Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry, Scissor Sisters, Depeche Mode, Universal, Parlophone, Sony Music, Mastered For iTunes.
Endorsed by Waves Audio Plugins And Hardware. Nominated for the MPG Mastering Engineer Of The Year Award 2014.

Phil Duncan, Singer songwriter
His EP “Magic every day” (2013) is available on CDBaby.com and iTunes

Phil recorded this album with the help of a grant from Auckland Council.
“Magic every Day” is a 6-song EP of catchy and contemporary songs, inspiring children to sing, be creative and learn through music.

Jimmy Bonar, singer songwriter and performer
His album “Working Class” (2012) is available on CDBaby.com and iTunes
Reviewed by NZ Musician in Oct/Nov 2014 issue (pdf)

“The album ‘Working Class’ would not have been possible without the support, encouragement and belief from producer Joe Hoonhout.
For the past seven years many of my songs have been laying dormant and uncompleted whilst I’ve been working out where I am supposed to be in this big bad world...
Joe has helped to turn mainly incomplete ideas, thoughts and ramblings into something melodic, fresh and listenable.”

Rochelle Kahn, Singer songwriter
Her song “Love Tides Us’ (2012) is available on CDBaby.com and iTunes

“The song ‘Love Tides Us’ is a happy, bouncy song about love. I’m grateful for the rap from "Prince MLP”; backing vocals by Mema Maeli; and the music composed by Joe Hoonhout.”

Alvin Nair, Singer songwriter.
His song “Baby it’s you” (2012) is available on CDBaby.com

“Single ‘Baby it's you’ is my first professionally recorded song. Initially, I took in a demo of my song which roughly gave an outline about the song. Joe sat down with me and talked through the process and overall structure of the song. I found this experience to be insightful and informative. Joe has a good ear for music arrangement and production which is an integral part of his service. He also draws the very best out of you when it comes to recording the song. Furthermore, the experience of taking your own song through a journey and finishing it off to a high level of standard is priceless. I would highly recommend anyone who would like to take that next step in professionally recording their song, to do so with Peerless Records.”

Emma Philson, Singer songwriter.
First-ever recording session: acoustic guitar and vocals, cover song.

“We came to Joe with no knowledge of the recording process, and only a very general idea of what we actually wanted to do. Joe was able to visualise a finished product in our vague ramblings, and helped us craft a piece of work far better than we'd hoped. He is very professional, very knowledgable, and a true perfectionist, continuously encouraging people to do the best they can. He won't settle for a second rate job. A pleasure to work with, thanks so much!”