Peerless Records Limited ®Music Production Services

Arli Liberman, Guitarist

Dan Antunovich, Bass-man

Patrick Kuhtze, Drummer

Nick Jones, Violin Maestro

Arli is the man to have on your side if guitar is required.
Internationally renowned, Arli has a playing style that is very flexible.
He will match his performance and sound to almost any genre, always managing to deliver that special guitar "hook" to any original song.
Check out Arli's website
Arli the Guitar Man
Dan is one of the most accomplished bass-players in New Zealand.
Dan has had vast experience in the music industry, as a session player right through to being part of TV show house bands (support band for "New Zealand's Got Talent"), theatre shows (the "Jersey Boys" show), festival house bands, and original bands. Loads of international touring/recording experience.
Because Dan is so good at what he does, he has been asked to shift to California, we are trying to talk him out of it (without much success).
Dan the BassMan
Pat Kuhtze is one of New Zealand’s top drummers. He has played in the backing band behind many New Zealand music shows, and frequently has international performances. Pat has endorsements from a number of of the largest drum companies in the world. He has played at gigs with international drumming legends and regularly holds drum clinics. Pat is a dynamic drummer and an experienced professional, he brings an outstanding talent to any piece of music that he performs on.
As well as being one of NZ's top drummers, Pat is also a very funny guy.
Pat the Drummer
If it's real strings that you want, Nick Jones is the man to get on your team. Nick has complete control over his instruments. He is able to create a realistic string quartet sound-scape, using both his violin and his viola. He is just as comfortable reproducing a scripted part, as he is playing a part that we might come up with on the spot during the recording session. Nick is a violin teacher by trade, so he knows his stuff.
Nick the Violin Guy
Nick is a New Zealand born and bred musician. Since the age of 4, Nick has been trained classically on the violin and piano, competing successfully in local and national competitions since age 9. Nick studied violin at university and Graduated through the New Zealand School of Music with a Bachelor of Music, with Honours majoring in Jazz Performance. Nick has been teaching contemporary classical piano for the Auckland School of Rock since 2008 in Auckland, and teaching Suzuki violin privately. He also works as a session musician recording piano and violin for several albums, and as a professional musician. "I take my music very seriously and allow myself to be emotionally involved with my music when performing. A musician shouldn't just play the notes on the page mechanically, but to truly listen and feel every note, communicate the personality of the piece of music."
Nick performs and records a broad range of music styles/genres: Classical, Folk, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Electronica. When performing professionally, he covers instrumental interpretations of popular classic works from well known operas and other timeless musical classics, to modern pop and rock songs (originally sung) but interpreted on the violin or piano.
He has featured on several albums playing violin, piano or bass guitar. He has a vast knowledge of music theory and performance techniques on his main instruments, violin, piano and bass.